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Drover Whip/Australian Stock Whip Fox Hunting Whip Fly Whisk Quirt
The Australian stockwhip is said to have originated from the English hunting whip, but has evolved into an entirely new type of whip. It was designed to move mobs of cattle by making it crack, which would encourage the mob to keep moving. It is not usually used for sheep. Throughout Australia stockmen and drovers have used the stockwhip since the early 19th century and it is still the preferred whip used by Australian cattlemen and women today.

Shaft Length: 24" scale
Lash Length: 48" scale
Traditional hunting whips have antler handles of a high quality, sourced from native red deer within the UK. All have leather covered shafts, with a choice of either, silver or brass collars.  The horn end is used to open gates. The lash is used to keep the hounds away from the horse, or as a leash if needed. A fly-whisk is a tool to swat or disturb flies. It is used as part of regalia in some cultures. A quirt is a forked type of stock whip which usually has two falls at the end (like the tails on some tawses). Sometimes called a riding quirt, horse quirt or a dog quirt.
Standard Shaft length: 20" scale
Lash Length: 6' scale
Handle: 18" scale
Hair Fall: 17" scale
Overall: 3' scale
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