4 Leaf Clover Live Show

Show Rules And Information  

Time: The show hall with be open at 7:00am.The show will start promptly at 8am.

Open Show Entry Fee: $40  before  09/01/15

Late Fees: Add $5 to original fee if received after 09/01/15 .

Show is open to all scales of models, Traditional, Classic, Paddock Pals, Pebbles, Stablemates, Chips and MicroMinis. Classes are split between Finish, but not scale.

Judges may not proxy show someone else's horses in any division, but are allowed to show their horses in divisions they are not judging.  There will be NO PROXY SHOWING allowed.

Cancelations: All refunds are at the discretion of the show committee.

We expect this show to sell out, as there are limited spots available.  No walk-in entries on the day of the show please. If you would like to show, you must send a form. Your entry entitles you to one full table and 2 chairs. Please specify if you need a full table. If you do not think you need one, and would not mind sharing a half table with another shower, please put that on your entry form.(This is a small sized show, and we are trying to fit as many people in as possible. Thank you!) You may bring as many horses to show as you'd like, but please be respectful of other showers space. Please keep all aisles open and free of clutter. Your area is defined of the space on and under your table.  

Awards are PAPER FLATS from 1st to 6th place for classes. Divisional and Overall Champion/Reserve awards are TBD.  All ribbons/awards are provided by the 4-H Youth Club.

Open Class Limits are 3 models per halter class and 2 models per performance.  

Raffle: We will be having a raffle at the show. Tickets will be available at the show for a $1 each or 6 for $5.  

All horses must be tagged before the show. Your three initials and the horse's name on one side, and the breed and gender  on the other. You will lay your tags on the show table with the breed side up. We will not be flipping tags if the name side is up. Your horse may be disqualified if the name side is up at the judge’s discretion.  All first and second place horses will earn a NAN card in NAMHSA eligible classes. 

All Show champions will be chose from 1st place horses and reserve champions from 2nd place horses. Overall Champions and Reserves will be chosen from the divisional champs and reserves.

There will be a 3 minute set up time for halter classes. No handlers or props are allowed in the halter classes. You may have a halter on your horse, but if it doesn't fit correctly, it can knock your horse down in placings.

All documents and notes of explanation are encouraged in halter, especially if you have an unusual breed.  

Pony Pound: There will be a Pony Pound at the show. Models left behind will be announced to be picked up.  If not claimed, it will then be taken to the Pony Pound. Models left behind at the end of the show will be taken home by the show holders until claimed by owner.  Please make sure you get your ponies…. I don’t need to add to my collection at home.  Owners will pay return shipping charges and insurance, if mailed.

Selling At Tables: You are allowed to sell at your tables. Please be sure not to block aisles.

Class Splits: Classes will be split if the class becomes too large.  This is at the discretion of the show holders & judges. Stringing: In large classes, the judge will be allowed to string the classes to cut the field down.  


Children must be attended at ALL TIMES. If your child becomes disruptive, please take them outside until they are calmed down. There is absolutely NO RUNNING in the show hall!

Please be careful of others' models and NEVER pick up anyone else's models without asking their permission first. You break it, you buy it!

Entry deadlines: Late entries is 09/01/15 No entries after 09/10/15 or when show is sold out, whichever comes first.

Lunch: Lunch will run between 12:00pm and 1:00pm. We will have a homemade lunch at the show available for purchase ($5.00) or if you choose, you are welcome to head out for fast food which is located in the center of town. The 4-H will provide a hot home-cooked meal, drinks and desert.  We encourage you to buy a lunch ticket or pack a lunch.  Classes will not be held after lunch for those who choose to go out for lunch. Classes will resume promptly at 1:00 p.m.

Liability: Show Staff, the Champaign County Extension Office and/or Champaign County 4H are NOT responsible for ANY loss, theft, damage, personal injury, etc.

Results: Results will be available on the group website, Facebook, or E-mailed if wanted. Please mark on your entry if you would like results E-mailed to you.  

Class Descriptions~

OF (Original Finish): Any model as it comes from the factory. No alternations allowed. Touch ups are okay as long as they can't be seen.

OF Stone/Other: Any factory finished production model that is not Breyer, this includes Hartland, etc.

CM (Custom): Any Model altered from its original finish. These range from simple repaint to drastic custom.

AR (Artist Resin): A resin casting or original sculpture. Can be painted by any artist.

OF Resin: A resin that as it is coming from a factory (Sandicast, North Light, Breyer, etc.) These will show in the OF Breyer division.  

Foals: They will show in their own classes.


Judging Criteria~

 Halter: Models will be judged on conformation, breed standards, and finish. If you have documentation for unusual breeds, please try to copy it from books, and please don't set large books on the table.  Value and/or Collectability should NOT be taken into account in judging.

Performance: Models will be judged on the correctness of the model portraying the event depicted, including correct tack and appointments.  Value of model or tack should not be taken into account.  Vehicles are not required for harness class, but correct display of tack should be considered before not using a vehicle.


Code Of Conduct~

Please be respectful to each other at all times. Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. Anyone demonstrating this type of behavior will be asked to leave without refund. We are here to have fun, so please try to make this a fun and positive experience for everyone involved!

Please don't talk to the judges while they are judging. Feel free to ask the judges questions once the class is pinned. Please remember, judges are there not only to judge, but to have a bit of fun too, so please be respectful, and if you have questions or think there could be a problem, please see the showholders.  

When you sign the entry form, you agree to all rules set in the show, so please read them carefully. If the rules are not followed, you will be asked to leave without a refund. No one (entrant, vendor, member of the public, etc.) may engage in behavior that is unsportsmanlike or discourteous. (All you past 4-H people think back to your 4-H days and their rules) This includes, but is not limited to displays of conduct that tend to embarrass or demean any person, use of language that is not appropriate for a family event, or arguing with anyone (judges, show official's, showers, etc.) Anyone entering the show hall (entrant, vendor, judge, public, etc.) accepts the sole and exclusive liability for any damage, property loss, personal injuring, or any other issue that may occur.

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    Maureen Reynolds
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